Instantly share files with anybody online with encryption

Today we’re looking at a few of the easy options available for sharing files without needing to create accounts. These are perfect for anybody looking to share files anonymously or even if you just need to send somebody something which is too large to send in an email.

pCloud Transfer- Instantly Share Via Email

If you need to share large files with someone through Gmail for example and Gmails 15MB attachment limit doesn’t cut it for you then pCloud transfer has the solution for you!

As well as having one of the best cloud storage services in the World pCloud also have a great instant file sharing service anybody can use right away without any need to create an account. Just enter your recipients email address, you can send your files to up to 10 different email addresses at the same time. pCloud transfer also gives you the option of enabling encryption & it’s as simple as entering a password. As an added bonus pCloud transfer will email you to let you know when the recipients have opened the files you sent.

Once you send your files your recipient will receive an email with a button they click which takes them to the pCloud site to a page containing the files. If you entered an encryption password your recipient will need to know this before they are able to download the files.

Upload Filesize Limit: 5GB

Sharing options: Email

Visit pCloud Transfer ↗

Disroot/Lufi – Encrypted temporary file upload service

Upload is a file hosting software, powered by Lufi & hosted by Disroot. It temporarily stores files so you can share them with others using a link. To protect privacy, All the files are encrypted in the browser itself – It means that your files never leave your computer un-encrypted.

The interface is very simple to use, just add a file or many files to get started. Before you upload a file you have the option of choosing how long the file should be available for, 24 hours, 30 days etc. You also have the option of having the file removed after it has been downloaded 1 time. All your uploaded files will appear on the same page & you can change the options before you add each file should you wish. The service gives you the option to email directly from it so you don’t even need to use your email address but it does give you the option to if you wish.

Upload Filesize Limit: 1GB

Sharing options: Direct link, Email, Copy to clipboard

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Wisply – Secure & easy file transfer

Securely transfer your files via Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive using End-to-End Encryption. This service is a little more advanced than others out there. The files you upload get uploaded to your storage provider in encrypted form and the generated links take the recipient to the Wisply site where they can download the files. The upside of this is you are using your own cloud storage account while not revealing this to the recipient nor storing your files on an unknown providers servers. Nobody but you & the recipient will ever have access to the files you uploaded.

You can send as many files as you like using this service. Upgrading to their premium service gives you the option of password protection & pin protecting your shares.

Upload Filesize Limit: 1GB

Sharing options: SMS, Email, Copy to clipboard

Visit Whisply ↗

Firefox Send – Simple, Password Protected Instant File Sharing

Send files through a safe, private, and encrypted link that automatically expires to ensure your stuff does not remain online forever. The interface is clean & very simple to use. Just upload a file & you’ll be given the options after it has uploaded for how many times it can be downloaded which is limited to 20 downloads or 24 hours before the file is removed.

Once you have uploaded a file & grabbed the share link, if you choose upload another file or just click back you are presented with a list of all your current active shares with delete options should you wish to remove any sooner.

Upload Filesize Limit: 1GB

Sharing options: Password Protect, Copy to clipboard

Visit Firefox Send ↗

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