Protect your valuable data with pCloud Crypto

Looking for that perfect balance between features, security and plan options? pCloud might just be the Cloud Storage solution you are looking for! Jam packed with features and up to 2TB of storage and both Free, Premium and Business options available.

"We are dedicated to providing users worldwide with unbreakable file security. With pCloud Crypto you can protect your most sensitive information, your private documents, on any device. No one, even pCloud's administrators, will have access to your content. You hold the key to your online privacy."
With pCloud's unique client-side encryption user's data is kept safely hidden from any unauthorised access. pCloud Crypto lets users protect their confidential files in the Cloud with high-end security you can trust, making it as simple as placing a file in a folder. pCloud's security application encrypts data on user's computer, and uploads only the encrypted version of that data to the Cloud (ie their servers)…

Boxcryptor - Best Encryption for Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive..

With privacy becoming more of an issue in general attentions have turned to the data we're all storing online across multiple providers. That's where Boxcryptor comes in. With Boxcryptor you can manage multiple cloud storage accounts from one place. Boxcryptor encrypts your sensitive files and folders in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and many other cloud storage providers. It combines the benefits of the most user friendly cloud storage services with the highest security standards worldwide. Encrypt your data right on your device before syncing it to the cloud providers of your choice.

Chances are you already have 2 or 3 different online storage accounts. Boxcryptor has you covered via support for a large amount of cloud storage providers.

One of the main benefits of Boxcryptor is it automatically detects all of your installed cloud storage providers and adds them to the virtual Boxcryptor drive. Every file you add to – or create within – the Boxcryptor drive can be easily e…

Sync - Securely store, share and access your files from just about anywhere

Is your Cloud storage provider able to scan, read and access your files? You might not realise that most are able to! But what if you could replace it with a secure alternative and get all the benefits plus all the privacy your current storage is lacking?

This is where Sync comes in. Sync pitch themselves as a secure Dropbox alternative (although they are a suitable alternative to any Online storage provider) with 2048-bit RSA, SSL/TLS end-to-end encryption built-in to ensure that only you can access your data in the cloud. The people at Sync itself can’t read your files and no one else can either. In contrast, Dropbox keeps a copy of your encryption keys, which they use to access, scan, and share your files with third parties. This is all part of the Dropbox terms of service you must agree to, in order to use their service. Hard to believe? Read their terms of service!

End-to-end encryption protects your confidential data in the cloud from unauthorized access at all times giving you…